Build Website Traffic Fast For Free

If you don’t know how, one of the toughest things to do when you’re just starting out is to build website traffic fast. I’m going to tell you not only how to build website traffic fast but also how to do it for free! Read on.

Here are two of the easiest ways you can build website traffic fast and for free. When you have a new website or blog the first thing you want to do immediately is start writing original content. Once one have at least 10 quality posts (you can do this in just 2 days if you’re aggressive) you need to follow these steps.

Build Website Traffic Fast with These Tips

1) Leave Comments on Popular Websites and Blogs

I discussed this in one of my other posts Build Big Blog Traffic With Comments. You can check that post for further details however for now I just want you to have the basics. One great way to find popular blogs and websites is to search Google News. Google News has the top headlines from some of the highest trafficked blogs and websites from around the world.

You need to search on your focus keyword(s) or phrase that you are writing about. You can also search by news category such as business, technology, etc. Find the top listing that closely matches your focus keywords, then post your comments on that article or blog post. You need to do this at least 10 – 20 times or more per day, per post if you want to build website traffic fast.

This tactic will cost you nothing but your time so use your time wisely. Your time is valuable just like cash so don’t waste it. I guarantee that if you write quality content and then follow the steps above you will build website traffic fast and double, triple or quadruple your website traffic from the previous day.

2) Use Social Media

If you want to build website traffic fast you need to use social media. Sign up for an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn for starters. StumbleUpon is another great social media site for building website traffic fast. You can read more about using StumbleUpon here.

Be sure to either use your real name or your business name when creating your accounts. You want to establish credibility for yourself and you name or brand name. Build trust with your readers.

Start to follow, add friends, join groups, lists, etc. with like minded people and businesses on all of your accounts. Don’t post crap. If you don’t really have anything relevant to say then don’t post it. Be fun but professional this will reflect upon your character and build trust. Build as many quality contacts as you can. You can start by following me on Twitter. I am building my Twitter contacts slowly and selectively. If you use automated tools such as Tweet Adder you will get many followers but they won’t be high quality, like minded contacts. Be selective.

Make sure that you are posting daily and that you are using a WordPress plugin such as WordTwit to “automagically” post your content to Twitter. Make sure that all of your social media accounts get automatically fed your blog posts by Twitter or directly from your blog. You can do this from your Twitter account by giving access to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This will definitely help you build website traffic fast.

As of this post date has been up and running for 22 days. That’s it. I have been able to greatly improve my own traffic numbers and flood the search engines with quality content. You can do the same and build website traffic fast if you follow my advice. Go for it!