3 Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners – What You Need to Start With!

As you probably know already, there are a ton of online transcription jobs for beginners which require virtually no previous experience or skills whatsoever. You could dive right in now and begin work for any of the 27 companies lined up in the second section below. Great!

online transcription jobs for beginners

However, once you do have some real experience, what then? Well, the sky is really the limit. There are so many different kinds of transcription jobs now available on the Internet that you really never know what you might be missing out on. Here are just a few of the most common.

General Transcription: There are thousands of general transcription companies offering transcription jobs for beginners. Generally, you can pick and choose the ones that are most appealing to you by checking out their packages and the amount of time they offer to complete your assignments. In addition to general transcription, you can also find specialized ones that target businesses, educational institutions and governments.

Rev Transcription: Many people who want to work from home tend to fall into the world of transcription when they first get started. While this is a great way to earn an income while staying at home, it isn’t your only option. There are other online transcription jobs for beginners out there. Some of these include medical and legal transcription, as well as voice transcription. If you have prior transcription experience, you can jump into one of these jobs with less stress than if you were a newcomer.

Typing Speed: Just like with everything, it’s important to practice typing speed. One of the easiest ways to improve your typing speed is to increase your words per minute. This means dividing your phrases in terms of how many words per minute you want them to be divided. Increasing your typing speed will allow you to type more phrases per hour, and therefore increase your earnings. It’s a great way to build your income, especially if you are able to increase it to a monthly basis.

Experience: If you’re not experienced, you don’t stand a chance of earning as much as experienced transcriptionists do. Since online companies offering transcription jobs for beginners have experienced transcriptionists on their staff, they naturally charge much less than big companies that hire experienced writers. Also, if you are interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist, some companies offer mentoring programs. Basically, they give you access to their entire library of transcription tapes and educational materials, and you learn from experienced transcriptionists. This way, you can increase your skills and slowly build your career as a medical transcriptionist.