What Is The Best Way To Work From Home?

Work from home

If someone wants to start a home business, perhaps they should ask what is the best way to work from home?  Is there a best way?  Learn here.

The question is similar to asking what is the best car, where is the best place to live, what’s the best food, or one of my favorites, what’s the best life insurance?

What’s best for you may be different than what’s best for someone else, including me.

Going forward, I will share some ideas and ask you to ask yourself some questions.

Learning starts here.

Preliminary advice

Thoroughly investigate before you make any decisions, especially if it involves spending money before making money.


First question you need to ask yourself is how much money do you want or need to make?  After that, you need to ask yourself if you’re willing to work for someone else or do you want to work for yourself?

If someone is willing to pay you, no matter how much it is, you can bet it’s because they are making more than they’re paying you, maybe a lot more.

Depending on what kind of work it is, there’s probably a good reason why they’re making enough money to pay you.  Furthermore, also depending https://www.stealthsecrets.com/lucky-day-app-review/ on what kind of work it is, they may, in fact they probably have experience, resources, and connections that you probably don’t have.

So, if it’s just about making money and making it quickly, you will probably need to work for someone else and although you could probably start right away, you’ll probably work a lot and not make a lot of money.

On the other hand, if you are determined to make it on your own, it’s almost certain that you’ll not make money right away, but when you do, it will probably quite a bit more than if you were working for someone else.


What are you good at?  Keep in mind, I didn’t ask what you like to do.  Of course if you like what you’re good at, that’s better, but it isn’t always the case.

If it’s just the money you’re concerned with and you’re not concerned about whether you like what you’ll be doing, then it probably makes sense to evaluate what you’re good at.

It stands to reason that when someone has a talent, they will probably be more valuable than someone who lacks talent.

What you love


What would you really like to do?  What are you passionate about?  What is something you’d do even if you didn’t get paid just because you love it?  Is there any way you could get paid for what you like to do?  What if you could also have fun doing it?  Wouldn’t that be great?

Someone near and dear to me who had a good-paying job and who was talented at that job, hated the job and couldn’t stand going to work.

I won’t go into why.

Enjoy your work

One day she started doing what she really likes just for fun.  As luck would have it, someone saw what she was doing, liked it and bought it.  It was suggested that she try selling this online and it was an almost instant hit.

Two weeks later, she quit her job and walked away from a secure, good-paying position she was good at but hated in lieu of something she really loves but paid very little.

After four years, she still doesn’t make as much as she did at the job she hated, but I’ve never seen her happier.  Furthermore, the expenses she incurred, gasoline and other vehicle expenses, have been slashed to a fraction of what they once were.

She works longer hours but she hasn’t used an alarm clock in years.  She comes and goes as she pleases, and oh yeah, she LOVES what she’s doing?

What is the best way to work from home?  If you ask her she would no doubt say the business she’s in.  Does that mean it’s the best for you or anyone else?

Online Marketing

Do you have a computer?  Do you have a website?  If not, are you willing to learn?

It’s a known fact that at any given time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there are upward of a BILLION people online, and as many as two BILLION.

Do you have any idea how much money changes hands?

What do you know about affiliate marketing?

One thing is for sure, if you’re going to work from home, it probably makes sense to take advantage of the massive amount of internet traffic that is going on as I write and as you read this.


Do you like to sell?  Do you like to talk on the phone?

If you do, there’s always money to be made.  It can be done from home as well as anywhere.

Have you considered insurance sales?  You’ll need to invest some time and money to get licensed first, but as long as you don’t have a criminal record, you can do it.  You could be making money in a matter of weeks.  You could be making really good money in a matter of months.

If it’s just the money you’re interested in and if you have the talent, it’s an opportunity that’s available to you.  There is a shortage of agents.  However, it takes a lot of passion to stay with it.  There is a large turnover because people burn out.

Perhaps you don’t want to be in sales but you like talking on the phone.

There are always openings for customer service agents and telemarketers.  Many of them work from home.  The money may not be great, although it could be depending on the situation, but you can probably get started right away and start making money pretty quickly.

No Selling

Don’t want anything to do with sales or phone?  Have you thought about taking surveys online?

Affiliate Marketing

What if you could make money online without selling but make money on what others sell?  If that seems interesting, you can learn more here.

I’m interested in your feedback.

Build Website Traffic Fast For Free

If you don’t know how, one of the toughest things to do when you’re just starting out is to build website traffic fast. I’m going to tell you not only how to build website traffic fast but also how to do it for free! Read on.

Here are two of the easiest ways you can build website traffic fast and for free. When you have a new website or blog the first thing you want to do immediately is start writing original content. Once one have at least 10 quality posts (you can do this in just 2 days if you’re aggressive) you need to follow these steps.

Build Website Traffic Fast with These Tips

1) Leave Comments on Popular Websites and Blogs

I discussed this in one of my other posts Build Big Blog Traffic With Comments. You can check that post for further details however for now I just want you to have the basics. One great way to find popular blogs and websites is to search Google News. Google News has the top headlines from some of the highest trafficked blogs and websites from around the world.

You need to search on your focus keyword(s) or phrase that you are writing about. You can also search by news category such as business, technology, etc. Find the top listing that closely matches your focus keywords, https://www.stealthsecrets.com/inbox-dollars-review/ then post your comments on that article or blog post. You need to do this at least 10 – 20 times or more per day, per post if you want to build website traffic fast.

This tactic will cost you nothing but your time so use your time wisely. Your time is valuable just like cash so don’t waste it. I guarantee that if you write quality content and then follow the steps above you will build website traffic fast and double, triple or quadruple your website traffic from the previous day.

2) Use Social Media

If you want to build website traffic fast you need to use social media. Sign up for an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn for starters. StumbleUpon is another great social media site for building website traffic fast. You can read more about using StumbleUpon here.

Be sure to either use your real name or your business name when creating your accounts. You want to establish credibility for yourself and you name or brand name. Build trust with your readers.

Start to follow, add friends, join groups, lists, etc. with like minded people and businesses on all of your accounts. Don’t post crap. If you don’t really have anything relevant to say then don’t post it. Be fun but professional this will reflect upon your character and build trust. Build as many quality contacts as you can. You can start by following me on Twitter. I am building my Twitter contacts slowly and selectively. If you use automated tools such as Tweet Adder you will get many followers but they won’t be high quality, like minded contacts. Be selective.

Make sure that you are posting daily and that you are using a WordPress plugin such as WordTwit to “automagically” post your content to Twitter. Make sure that all of your social media accounts get automatically fed your blog posts by Twitter or directly from your blog. You can do this from your Twitter account by giving access to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This will definitely help you build website traffic fast.

As of this post date MakeMoneyWithRandy.com has been up and running for 22 days. That’s it. I have been able to greatly improve my own traffic numbers and flood the search engines with quality content. You can do the same and build website traffic fast if you follow my advice. Go for it!

6 tips to your successful life

When we see others achievements and successes, we think that they are more lucky than us, they are more intelligent, they are more so and so.

Yet, what most people don’t grasp is that before that success happen, it has to be prepared and welcome. When you see people have success overnight, you think they are lucky, you say it’s their destiny or it’s by accident. You do not know what these people have done to be successful. You do not know what how much can you make with transcribeme these people undergo to be successful overnight. You see only the result but you did not see all the process which have been made by them.

Let me tell you, success happen because you want it and you have to make intelligent planning, small actions on an every day basis. You have to be consistent, focus and train your mind to be sharp and the most important, you have to be patient, this is the key principal to success.

Do you have what it takes to be successful? Do you want to know what successful people have in common. Do you have enough patience to train yourself to success?

Here are six principles which will help you to find your way to success. They are my own practical experiences. Follow these six little principles and you will see your life transform for ever. You will never be poor again.

If you ask someone this simple question, the person will likely answer by making a list of what he doesn’t want. It is very difficult for many people to answer this simple question. Think about something you want dearly, take a sheet of paper and write everything that comes in your mind which stop you to have the thing that you want. After that, write everything that you can do to effectively push you to have it.

By taking appropriate actions to achieve your goals, you are training your mind to align oneself with the same energy level of what you want.

If you take actions you will be able to see all barriers. You must be very careful though, if you think that there are some obstacles, you must not give up, on the contrary, see if you can make some training and see if someone can help you to round off your knowledge. You have to learn everything which will put you on the right track to your goals.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

You have to know yourself and search a harmony between what is too hard and what is too simple to activate the power of flow energy stream. There will be moments where things are hard however achievable, this mindset will keep you from getting exhausted or baffled while keeping your mind sharp to complete your goal.

You must be very vigilant about what is happening in your environment. Don’t let others discourage you. Too often, people abandon their goals not because they don’t know how to do it or it’s too hard to achieve, it’s because they get bad influence by others and get pulled away from their paths by accepting their negative energy.

To ensure that you are not getting bad influence, you should cleverly stay with people who encourage you and your project. You must be imperturbable and stay focus on your project to get things done.

Their are tons of articles on the internet explaining how to do visualization. Many people don’t know how to do it and don’t know what is visualization. I will try to explain it in a simple way.

Visualization is mental rehearsal by creating images of what you want in your life. Visualization is a natural process of the mind, therefore we are constantly creating images in our mind. This process never stops because we think about images and we dream about images.

What visualization techniques you can do to help yourself achieve something you want? If you have some difficulties to solve a problem, try to visualize mentally what difficulties you’re presumably experienced, and see how you’re going to overcome them and see yourself doing things at last accomplishing your goals.

Obviously, regardless of visualization, you still have to take action to get things done.

Creative visualization is a great technique used by almost all famous athletes and competitors. They visualize their victories and performances. They see themselves win their competitions mentally before accomplish them in reality.

How do you practice visualization? Take 10 or 15 minutes per day in a quiet and comfortable place. Close your eyes and be relax. Focus on your breath, just focus, don’t do anything else. If you are completely relax, observe your thoughts. Don’t do anything else, just observe but do not follow them. Now you are completely relax. Try to put some images on what you want to accomplish and see yourself doing things to receive it. For example, you want to buy a house. Take a sheet of paper and write every details and characteristics about your new home. Every detail is important. Take a moment and visualize what you wrote about your new house. Finally, do that every day and one day you will have your house.

Don’t try to think about your goals all day long, it can be fastidious. To receive you must give. Once you have finish your daily visualization, let go all the thoughts link to your goals. Try to do your daily activities normally by thinking other things. Why you have to do that? Because, during the day you will have sometimes negative and positive thoughts, it’s better to avoid thinking about your goals, otherwise you may start to sabotage them. In addition to that, why you should let go of the thoughts link to your goals it’s because the process of visualization is a subconscious one. You have to let go and be as natural as possible and be confident of what you are doing is the right thing. Let the subconscious mind do his job and pull you (your conscious mind) away of the process of obtaining. As a result, if you hold your energy of what you want, it will never be materialize, you will keep it with you forever. It is not what you want, the energy must flow, you want to give it away to the universe and stay free and confident that it will come back materialized.

In fact everyone has the ability to have the life he wants. But most of the time, we don’t know how to do it and we give up because we think that we have less this and that to be successful. We get confuse and overwhelmed by the task we have to accomplish. The human mind is an extraordinary instrument, it is a powerful tool that we have in our possession but unfortunately we use it by default therefore, we get emotionally trap by our fears and anger.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”– Albert Einstein

Therefore, you know that you can have full control of your mind but you have to do some work to accomplish that task and it is not difficult. You are naturally equipped and you can train your subconscious mind to accomplish whatever you want. Stand up now, quit your old habits and start your new life and experience your powerful you. I promise you will impress yourself.

In conclusion, if you practice these 6 little principles, you can take control of your life right now. If you want, you can achieve everything you desire, therefore you will not have a poor mind anymore. In addition to that, try to educate yourself by knowing that everything is well, you are in the right place at the right time, practice these principals and just go and get what you want that you have always desire.

“You can serve God and man in no more effective way than by getting rich; that is, if you get rich by the creative method and not by the competitive one.” – Wallace D. Wattles.